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I was so tempted to stay with the first picture, for obvious reasons, but if this is going to be a warts-lobster-juice-and-all blog, then it's only fair to show you the after picture too. I'm an ex-journalist, with a book out on Amazon, and another in the pipeline, which I'll do my best to sell you, and this... is my life.

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March 29, 2011

29 March
I’m feeling apprehensive; today is the day of my hearing test. A lot is at stake here. An audiological altercation has been developing slowly over the last few months and has been causing a certain amount of friction between myself and Mr Young.
My version (ob...

March 19, 2011

19 March
I spend the afternoon trudging along behind Harriet who is shopping for a month-long trip to the Gambia. (When I was a student, a night out was a couple of hours in a Wimpy Bar and a holiday was a soggy weekend at a YMCA in a village with no vowels in its name...

March 5, 2011

5 March
It’s Tom’s graduation in Oxford; my main concern in the build-up to this momentous day has been deciding what to wear. Eventually, I plump (now that’s a word I must remember not to use again) for a sensible Boden wrapover dress. I am aiming for dignified and el...

March 5, 2011

10 March
It’s been a day of subterfuge, at which, I have to say, I’m rather good. At least, I’m rather good at it once I remember to subterfuge (is that a verb? It is now!) which is usually right on the verge of not saying what I’m not supposed to.
Just writing that se...

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