The Sofa Diaries

I was so tempted to stay with the first picture, for obvious reasons, but if this is going to be a warts-lobster-juice-and-all blog, then it's only fair to show you the after picture too. I'm an ex-journalist, with a book out on Amazon, and another in the pipeline, which I'll do my best to sell you, and this... is my life.

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January 22, 2018

22 January

“Look at us both, we’re like a couple of teenagers!” I nudge Mr Young, realising that we are side by side on the sofa, both engrossed in staring at the screens on our phones.

“Hardly,” he says, but not even bothering to look up. “I’m looking at Fairisle slippe...

January 13, 2018

13 January 

Yorkshire pudding: can it ever be too stodgy? Part attention-grabbing headline, part genuine question. Personally, I think the empty-golden-shell style is a massive disappointment. What’s the point? Give me the doorstep, 1000-calorie square that takes t...

January 3, 2018

3 January

The children have moved home so many times that I've lost count. Obviously, I realise this sounds misleading; they were no longer children when they moved home, otherwise that would make me a truly horrible parent (“Get out! Find somewhere else to live today....

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