About The Blog

Why should you bother?

For several years I wrote The Sofa Diaries as a column for the Saturday magazine on the Peterborough Evening Telegraph; the huge sack of weekly fan mail* I received made me think I should resurrect it. I’m married, with three grown-up children and one son-in-law, and I live in Peterborough with a delightful husband, and an even more delightful dog (sorry, Mr Young, but that last is undeniably true, and we both know it).

I’ve written a  novel, that has a proper beginning, middle and end; it’s been published on Amazon (ok, by me, but still published), and you can buy it and read it on your Kindle for £1.15. I promise you, it will make you laugh, if only at my audacity in encouraging you to read it. Particularly if you are a middle-aged, empty-nester with a small dog and wobbly thighs. I've limited my potential readership here, I realise, but I'd hate to over-promise and under-deliver.

But I have received two royalty cheques. Not one, but two. Which makes me a professional novelist. I’m living the dream.

Oh yes… the first book is excitingly called The Housewife’s Guide to Homicide, and Mr Young did the cover art. Very sweet, I know. My next one, which is coming out soon, is much better than the first, and I'm writing my third, which is better still, so I’ve clearly been very industrious.

*not even remotely true.