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What's it all about?

If you've got to the About page, thank you; there are many diary-style posts on here which are perfect for you if you're a middle-aged woman with a family, grand-children and a small dog. Also potentially relevant if you enjoy things that make me laugh (a slightly more niche market, admittedly).

I originally wrote The Sofa Diaries as a Saturday column for the Peterborough Evening Telegraph - one of those light-hearted family pieces - and have continued it as a blog on and off since then because I enjoyed writing it so much. It's served as a personal diary as well, which is useful, hence the older posts which I've kept on here for my own amusement, and which the aforementioned niche market will also find pretty hilarious.

I have also written two novels - a black comedy called The Housewife's Guide to Homicide, which is a rollicking light-hearted read about a downtrodden wife who finally has enough and... well, I won't spoil it for you; and Yesterday Upon The Stair, which was long-listed for the Blue Pencil Agency First Novel Award, and is another darkly humorous novel featuring an annoying eight-year-old ghost. Both are available on Amazon.